Is This What You Call Justice?
Prior to the loss of my daughter to a drunk driver on October 2, 1989, I believed that our justice system was designed to be fair and responsive to the victims of a criminal action.  Little did I know how untrue this belief was and how negative an impact the process would have on my family.

The following newspaper accounts are a chronological record of the death of Angie and the legal process that her family, friends, and other individuals involved suffered through.  The dates listed are the dates of the articles, not the dates of the actions. 
After the trial, Roberds appealed his conviction and was released on bond.  His appeal was denied and he was finally jailed on November 7, 1991 (A full 2 years after killing Angie).  Amazingly, more was to follow.  
An 18 year-old young woman was killed by a drunk 57 year-old man, just 5 days before her 19th birthday.  Her family and friends lost her physical presence forever.  After playing the system for over 2 years, he served one year in a county jail.  Is this our justice system?  Sadly,  IT IS!
Update April 3, 2012:   Charles J. Roberds died April 13, 1998.  The cause of his death is unknown.