(Revised: 5/31/13 – Bill Robie)

The information in this list is compiled from many members of the 92nd AHC.  The accuracy is only as good as people can remember.  Therefore, the list may have incomplete, inconsistent, and incorrect information.  All helicopters of record for the 92nd AHC are believed to be listed.  Please report any known corrections or new information to Bill Robie billrobie@prodigy.net

1st Platoon (1) – yellow accent paint; 2nd Platoon (2) – blue accent paint;
Guns (3rd Platoon) (3) – white accent paint; Maintenance Platoon (4) – red accent paint
The accent paint color was typically placed (at least during the early years of the 92nd) on the following helicopter components: skid front toe step, skid rear end piece, end of synchronized elevator, tail boom end cover, and possibly tips of tail rotor blades.

Serial # (Platoon)Crew Chief(s)Door Gunner(s)Name/Nose Art/History

64-13853(4)Steve Mandel 4/68-3/6962AHC>116AHC>92AHC>190AHC crash loss 6/6/69 190AHC

65-09619(2)Rick LeGrand 3/69-3/70“Topo”
         “Ron Vaughn 4-6/69
         “Jerry Smith(Valentine?) 9/69-10/70
65-09669Earl Fuller
         “Larry Norman 12/70-12/71
(stated as “966”, but no “966” of record in 92nd)
65-09973(1)Bill ThomaDavid Knowles 7/69-7/70AMARC, 10/95
         “Johnny HughesDavid Knowles
66-00923TR hit tree in LZ 9/14/71
66-01062Dave Stockton _/68-_/69Richard Cooper
66-01077Chester Stone 69-70
         “Denny Watson ?/69-?/70Mike Swiger ?/69-?/70
         “Mike Swiger ?/70
66-16028loss 7/19/71 flew into water
66-16152(2)R. Painter 4-6/69
         “Dave Shannon 8-9/69_ KelleyLoss to tail rotor fail 9/69
66-16276crashed in LZ 2/3/71
66-16315Mark Helton 11/67-__ Kunzler 11/67-__
66-16323(1)__ Funk 10/67__ Eastburg 10/67
66-16379__ RoopFMS Mexico

66-16380(2)__ Devote(?)
66-16395El Salvador AF
66-16459(1)Richard Savage 11/67-____ Kelley 10/67

66-16460(1)Rick Walters 11/67-7/68__ Gordy 10/67
         “Rick WaltersBob Herndon 11/67-__”The Jefferson Airplane”
         “Dennis Renison 4-10/68Bob HerndonFMS Chile
66-16461(1)Robert Stone 11/67-8/68Paul Lenz 11/67-8/686/27/68 lost TR hard land
         “Robert Stone 8/68-12/68Bob Herndon 10/676/4/69 hard land
David Todd(CE?)
66-16462(1)Warren Robinson 11/67-____ Brown 10/67“The Goodship Lollipop”
66-16463(2)Jim Leonard 3/69-9/69Bob Truesdel
        “_ Brown (Richard/Ronald?) 11/67-__     __ MeoROK Army
        “Marvin Jacobs
66-16465(2)Rich Ingalls 11/67-1/68, Andrew Pierson 11/67-1/68, loss at Nha Trang 1/23/68
66-16466(2)Mark Helton 11/67-__Roy (Woody) Gilmore 11/67-__
        “_ Mittag 4-6/69
        “_ Ewert
66-16467(2)Bob Tioaquen 11/67-8/68Royal Thai Army
        “J. Lee 4-6/69
        “    (2)_ Ernest
66-16468(2)Dave Cline 11/67-__Roy (Woody) Gilmore 11/67-__(sapper loss, DBT, Tet ’68)
        “Tom (Willie) Collins 11/67-__
66-16499(1)Bobby Stewart 11/67-1/68__ McGowell 10/67“Surrealistic Pillow”?
        “Bobby StewartJerry Eastburg11/67-__(sapper loss, DBT, Tet ‘68)
66-16500(1)Bob Shipp 11/67-2/68  Hans Herm 11/67-2/68(sapper loss, DBT, Tet ‘68)
66-16501John Johnson 11/67-10/68Uruguay AF, Squad 5, 2008
         “Monte (Rockie) Miller 11/67-____ Emery 10/67
66-16502(1)Jim Heyn 11/67-__Rocco Collucci(1) 11/67-_“ALI BABA”
66-16503(1)Jack Dray 11/67-5/68Alan Cameron 11/67-__
        “J. M. Christensen 5-8/68-____ Lutz 10/67
        “Paul Lenz 8-11/68painted “FIVE ZERO GROSS” on nose
        “Jeff Fisher
66-16504Don Amundson 11/67-10/68Bob Kendrick 11/67-__“LOVE”
        “Noble T. Head (KIA)Richard L. Bray (KIA)(combat loss, 10/27/68)
(P-Dennis Ackerman KIA, P-Patrick Mullins KIA)
66-16505(2)Dave Cline 11/67-__
66-16506(2)Larry Reeves 11/67-__Roy (Woody) Gilmore 11/67-__
        “    (2) R.W.Young 11/67-__FMS Bolivia #20 flying 6/08
66-16507(2)David Furches11/67-7/68David Harmon 11/67-__“Born Fee I”
66-16608Armed Forces Museum
Camp Shelby, MS
66-16676(2)Ray Lamanak 11/67-2/68
        “Rich Ingalls 2-8/68Phil Polito 2/68-__combat loss near Bao Loc                                                                                                                (8/23/68)

66-16761Bolivia AF 10/27/06
66-16810Center of Military History

66-16820(1)Brian Yee 2/69John Gustafson 2/69xmsn fail dusk patrol DBT 2/69, >608 TransCo
66-16826FMS Mexico?
66-16920Paul Abel 8/69-2/71
66-16953Paul Abel
66-16978Cliff Chastain 4/67-4/70Honduras AF
66-17038(2)Winston Hadley(?painted it black)“Night Mare”,
        “Andrew (Bruce) Atkins 4-7/7050 cal.& floodlights
        “_ Bushlow ?-5/71
        “Morris Lambert 5-7/71_ Adams
        “Steve Hays 7/71-?
66-17083loss 4/25/71
67-17097David Furches__-__David Harmon __-__
        “Dave Harmon 11/67-__ Dave Cline 11/67-__ crashed in bomb crater 6/2/68?
“Born Free II”
67-17104(1)Bobby Stewart 1-6/68Jerry Eastburg“Surrealistic Pillow”?
        “FMS Bosnia
        “Richard Macias 11/68-5/69
66-17130(2)Tom (Willie) CollinsRoy (Woody) Gilmore 11/67-__ “WAR LORD”
        “J. Kessler
67-17166(1)Bob Shipp 1-11/68Hans Herm 2-9/68“Strawberry Alarm Clock”
        “Bob ShippBrian Yee 10/68(6/25/68 combat damage at             Brian YeeSteve Leebeach near Phan Thiet)
        “Brian Yee 11/68-1/69 John Gustafson(combat loss 1/69,
mtns outside Nha Trang)
67-17338Dennis Renison 11/67-4/68, John Gustafson(display, Barnwell, SC)
         “Rick Walters 11/67-7/68
67-17460(2)David Furches _-7/68David Harmon“Born Free III”
        “   (2)David Harmon 7/68-_Joe Calaway“Born Free III”
        “    (2)Joe CalawayKenneth Roy Devore“Born Free III”
        “    (2)Kenneth Devore (KIA) Lee Murray Brooks (KIA)“Born Free III”
(AC-James Ozbun KIA, P-Roger Ross (KIA)(combat loss, 12/24/68)
67-17547Donnie Purvis 8/69-4/70
         “Donnie Purvis 4/70-4/71Ernie Crawford“Ragged Bitch”
         “Donnie Purvis __-4/71Danny McDaniel
67-17714(1)Bill ThomaDavid Knowles 7/69-7/70sometimes “Dragnet”
         “John Gustafson
         “Steve Lee

67-17748Pedro L. Uribe 11/69-11/70
         “Richard Gaytan 11/70-?
67-17760LubbehusenGerald (KIA)RPG in LZ 5/24/71
CPT Larry Dewey KIA
67-19537Ernie Lawford 70-71_____ Riley
68-15297Robert BryantMorris Lambert 2-5/71none
68-15301(2)Steve Hayes
        “     (2)Steve Clark ‘71
68-15307(1)Steve Young“Iron Butterfly”
        “Philippines N9281W
68-15321Pedro L. Uribeloss 7/71
68-15363(2)M. Martin 4-6/69AMCOM/DYNACORP, TX, 3/05
68-15394(1?)R. C. ColterR. D. Green(loss, TR&90, 7/22/70)
68-15411(2)Jim StaplesRaymond Fletcher 8/69-10/71 yellow Stallion on nose
68-15412(2)Kenneth McVeyDale Meistercrashed 5/6/70
68-15652display, Emporia, KS
68-15688crashed on pinnacle LZ 10/14/71
crashed in Saudi
68-15730(2)Rick Taylor 11/69-11/70engine fail in flight 5/25/71
Richard Gaytan 11/70-?
68-16072(2)James H. Smith 4/69-4/70Mylo Hurto
         “James H. SmithMichael Swiger 10/69-?
         “         Mike Swiger ?-3/70
         “Andrew (Bruce) Atkins 3-4/70D.E. McDanielscrashed 4/18/70
68-16115Dave Shannon 9/69-4/70Earl ChaffinHonduras AF
68-16197Canton, TX
68-16227Barney Kunkel 6/71-12/71
68-16246Steve D. HartwellJames H. Smithloss near Dalat 3/14/70
       “Steve HartwellDonnie Purvis ?-4/70
68-16334MR hit tree 9/6/71
68-16343Cliff Chastain 4/69-4/70
68-16348MR hit tree in LZ 7/19/71
68-16381Royal Thai Army
68-16509Jerry Valentine“Bad Moon”
68-16582crashed in LZ

69-15045Earl Chaffin ?-5/70DRMO Korea
____ Riley
69-15350AMARC 5/13/00

64-09418(3)Bill Weir_ Ward“The Warlord”
         “James Reed, DG&CE 6/70-4/71
64-14175(3)Joe Crawford?
65-12741(3)Ken Thompson 2/69-2/70(display, Ft. Stewart, GA)
         “Bill Weir
66-00679(3)Clarence McCrayJimmy Pierce 10/69-1/70Sidekick logo
         “Jimmy Pierce 1/70-5/70_ Gerber
         “Bill Weir
         “John Adank(?)“Cheap Thrills”
66-00733(3)Oscar Ramirez“Tootsie Roll”
66-15003(3)Randall Unruh ?/69-?/70TR failure at hover
       “     (3)Joe Crawford?DRMO White Sands
       “     (3)Mike Peterson_ Nesbitt
66-15046(3)Richard Macias 5/69-4/70Jimmy Pierce
       “Clarence McCray
       “Tom MeskimanMike Ytsen 7/68-8/69
       “Bill Weir
66-15106(3)Chuck McDonoughMike Morrissey“WAR LORD”
66-15113(3)Tom Tucker 11/67-__Jesse A. Gordy (KIA 12/7/67)  Coors pods, plus                                                                             Tom TuckerJohn Horneyes &teeth on 40 mm
        “Tom TuckerRichard T. Savage
        “Clarence McCray 8/12-13/69Robert Nesbitt    put on Bud pods early ’69?,
crashed 8/13/69 SW Phan RangAFB w/Bud cans
P-Terry McClelland, P- “Gator” Green
66-15114(3)Carl Peters 11/67-10/68Steve Sawicki 11/67-__
        “Jim KiddStewart Gable 12/68-3/69crash loss Dalat CamLy 3/23/69,
        “w/Coors pods
P-John Head, AC-Dave Jackson

66-15115(3)Richard Balsimo 11/67-4/68Harold Stewart 11/67-__
        “Mike BrownMike Ytsen 8-12/68?
        “Richard T. Savage 11/67-__Harold Stewart 11-67-__
        “Joe Crawford?
66-15116(3)John Zaletskis11/67-__Brian Mahoney   “Yosemite Sam” crashed 5/22/69?
Steve Sawicki
66-15117(3)Richard Pratt (KIA)Jesse Gordy (KIA)(combat loss, 12/7/67)
(AC-William Goodspeed KIA, P-Thomas Hubard KIA)
66-15119(3)C. B. Arent 11/67-__Patrick E. Ward
         “   (3)David L. Ferry (KIA)Patrick Ward (KIA)(combat loss near Bao Loc, 8/22/68) (P-Verlyn Meyer KIA, P-James McAleer KIA)
66-15144(3)Albert Garza 8-12/68“The Mexican Express”
66-15201(3)Sammy Hendrix 8/69-8/70
T. M. RobertsonE. Murabito(combat loss, 8/9/70, P-Glen Cannon KIA)

65-09435(3)Empire Museum, NY
65-09472(3)Chuck McDonough_ Gammel“The Warlord”?
       “M. MorrisseyMuseum Forgotten Warrior
65-09556(3)Mike NesbitChuck McDonough 9-11/70
66-00733(3)Bill Weir

?_ Reese 11/67-__Gary Daniels 11/67-__
?J. Henno (2)
?J. Johns (2)
?D. Cummins (2)
?_ Perez (2) 11/67-__
?_ Vuono (2)
?_ LeGrand (2)
?_ Truesdale (2)
?Jack Lee (2)
?Jerry Stockman (1)
?Kenneth Nalweyko (1) DAT?
?Harry Schneider (1)
?Warren Webster (1) went to CE, DAT
?Steve Lee (1) went to CE
?Jerry Kennison 70
?Mike Patten
?Ronald Ranif
?__ Kuroda
?__ Matthew
?__ Whitten
?__ Cooper
?Eldon Box, CE & DG?
?Joe Crawford, CE (guns)

Bill Babcock (armorer) 5/68-6/69
Gary Baesler (flight operations) 11/67-10/68
Stephen Brackett (aircraft and engine mechanic) 12/68-7/70
Ed Funk (vehicle mechanic) 11/67-7/68
Frank Perez (POL/FF) 11/67-10/68
Charles O’Brien (POL)
Dick Branson (armorer)